Simon Myres

MYRES, Simon; enlisted: November 26, 1835, Lancaster, by Capt. Boyce; born: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; age: 22 yrs; occupation: laborer; grey eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’6¼”; Company D, 2d Dragoons; died June 10, 1836, Fort Brooke, Florida [unknown disease]; rank: [not listed, a private].

John A. Hodges

HODGES, John A.; enlisted: January 9, 1836, Baltimore, Maryland, by Cpt. Hawkins; born: Anne Arundel, Maryland; age: 23 yrs; occupation: currier; light blue eyes, light brown hair, light complexion, 5’6”; Company D, 2d Dragoons; died June 10, 1836; mortally wounded in action June 9, 1836 at Micanopy and died June 10, 1836 at Fort Drane; …

John Hyde

HYDE, John; enlisted: January 1, 1836, Boston, Massachusetts, by Lieut. Wheelock; born: New York, New York; age: 29 yrs; occupation: blacksmith; grey eyes, light hair, dark complexion, 5’6¼”; Company D, 2d Dragoons; died: May 20, 1836; shot by the enemy on the road from Micanopy to Fort Drane, Florida; rank: [not listed, a private]. Might …

John S. Dunbar

DUNBAR, John S.; enlisted: January 11, 1836, Boston, by Lieut. Wheelock; born: Petersborough [Peterborough], New Hampshire; age: 23 yrs; occupation: printer; blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion, 5’8”; Company D, 2d Dragoons; died May 16, 1836, Fort Drane, Florida; [disease unknown]; rank: [not listed, a private].

Benjamin Bailey

BAILEY, Benjamin; enlisted: January 25, 1836, New York, New York, by Cpt. Wharton; born: Queens, NY; age: 25 yrs; occupation: tailor; hazel eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5’9¾”; Company D, 2d Dragoons; died: May 1, 1836, Fort Drane, Florida [disease unknown]; rank: private.

Fiddler's Green

Halfway down the Trail to HellIn a shady meadow green,Are the Souls of all dead troopers campedNear a good old-time canteen,And this eternal resting placeis known as Fiddlers' Green.Marching past, straight through to Hell,The Infantry are seen,Accompanied by the Engineers,Artillery and Marine,For none but the shades of CavalrymenDismount at Fiddlers' Green.Though some go curving down …

WW II Missing In Action

Troopers of the 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz) reported as missing in action, ETO (European Theatre of Operations) during WW II.ALCORN, Bob B.; ASHLEY, Fred W.; BARNES, Virgil L.; BERTTOCCHINI, George W.; BOKMA, Mindert P.; CHESSER, James F.; COCKERHAM, James C.; CROTEAU, Arthur; CYCON, Leo F.; EPPERSON, Roy E.; EVANS, Harold W.; GARNER, Raymond C.; GARRETT, …