Regimental Prayer

Almighty, merciful, and loving Father, you are the one who hears all our prayers and grants our petitions. We, the troopers of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, ask you to remember, as we do, the tremendous sacrifice made by those who went before us. They have given their lives so that we might live and …

Regimental Song

The official song of the Regiment is "Hit the Leather and Ride" by Captain Robert Meredith Willson. It praises the Infantry "behind us", but promises "they'll have to eat Cavalry dust to find us". The words are listed below:.... It's a far cry -- from San Juan Hill to the gallant Twenty-Sixth at Bataan -- …

Regimental Pass and Review

The command to pass the Regiment, or any element thereof, in review during a parade or ceremony is given in the following manner:Reviewing officer: "Second Dragoons - Pass in Review"

Regimental March

The official Regimental March is "In the Second Cavalry" dating from at least 1900 and compares life in the Cavalry to the other branches. Sergeant Jack Leonard, who served with the Regiment during the 1880' s, supplied a chorus. The tune is from the old song "Crambambuli".... "IN THE SECOND CAVALRY"Oh, it' s groom, groom, …

Births in the Regiment

Following the birth of a child to an officer of the Regiment, the Colonel of the Regiment on behalf of the Officers' fund, presents the new Dragoon with a "Baby Cup".

Deaths in the Regiment

When the Regiment is in garrison and one of its officers, NCO' s, or troopers dies, memorial services are held in the chapel by the Squadron to which the individual was assigned. The Squadron Chaplain conducts the services and honors are rendered according to the rank of the deceased. It is customary for the Regimental …

Regimental Terms

It is customary for the Regimental Commander to sign all correspondence within the Dragoon Battle Group and affiliations such as the 2d Cavalry Association in such a manner as to indicate his number in chronological succession of command, e.g. "68th Colonel of the Regiment".

Regimental Museum

The Regimental Museum (formerly known as the Trophy Room) was renamed in 1980 after Colonel Charles H. Reed, 31st Colonel of the Regiment. Items of historical significance such as photographs, documents and historical property are displayed in the museum. Among the collection is a silver tea service presented to the Regiment by Mrs. George S. …

Regimental Commander's Picture

On the date of the Change of Command the out-going Regimental Commander' s photograph is placed with his predecessors in the Regimental Headquarters, in chronological order of succession.