Yearbook 1941 – 2CR in 2 Cavalry Division

Yearbook 1941- Camp Funston – 2d Cavalry in the 2d Cavalry Division – “Historical and Pictorial Review: Second Cavalry Division: United States Army: Camp Funston, Kansas: 1941” – Downloadable PDF file – YB-1941-2CR-2CD-Camp-Funston

During this time, the 2d Cavalry Regiment joined the 9th, 10th, and 14th Cavalry Regiment to form the 2d Cavalry Division. Also assigned were the 3rd and 16th Field Artillery Regiments, 1st Observation Squadron, 2nd Medical Squadron, 9th Engineer Squadron, 17th Quartermaster Squadron, and the 24th Ordnance Company and Antitank Troop. Camp Funston was a training camp on the Fort Riley post in Kansas.

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  1. William E McCauley my father passed away when I was 2 years old. I never knew much about him except he received a silverstar and he was in the14th Cavalry Regiment. 2nd Cavalry and the 14th Armored Division. Any information would be nice.


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