Operation TWINS-2CR Cold War History

Hey Dragoons

I haven’t had the honor to meet most of you, but that is about to change, I hope. I am the historian for the second Cavalry Association. I served with F/2/2ACR from June 1988-November 1991. My primary Association remit over the next few years is to create a history of the Regiment during the Cold War years. Attached here is a questionnaire. The questions cover the basics of your service and life, as well as some specific questions about your era and some open ended questions to let you tell some good (but hopefully true) war stories. 

The Second Cavalry Association has helped document the 2d Cavalry Regiment’s history since 1836. The history from the 1836 formation to the end of World War II is documented, as is the history of the regiment since 1990 to present. However, the history of our great regiment from the end of WWII (1945) to German Reunification (1990) is fragmented at best. This era included the peace keeping after WWII, the Constabulary force, the border surveillance mission, and the GDP preparations during the Cold War. It was 45 years of war-ready peace. Arguably, it was our nation’s greatest war with the greatest gains at the lowest cost in lives and destruction. Simply put, it is too important to forget.

The enemy is the eternal enemy that all cavalrymen will face, but do not fear. Time is of the essence. The oldest of the Cold War troopers are preparing their mounts for Fiddler’s Green and the rest of us are not getting any younger either. Please join me in this effort.

Please download the questionnaire and complete as much of it as you wish. Instructions of where to send it are in the document.

Attachment download link (Clicking this will initiate a Word .doc download)- blank-2d-c-r-assoc-cold-war-service-questionnaire


Toujours Pret

TJ Linzy

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