2d Dragoon Tribute

A tribute to the troopers of the 2d Dragoon’s, past, present, and future.

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Many of these photos I “pilfered” from members photo albums on DRAGOON BASE. Several were sent to me by veterans of the regiment, or by their surviving relatives, and then some have just been laying around the house forever. I hope you enjoy them.

To see information on each photo:

Index of Old Soldier photos:
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Depicts the ever changing 2d Dragoon trooper.
Roy Franke
Roy A. Franke, C Company/HQ Co, 1st Bn, 1959-61. b. 9/23/1939 – d. 5/1/2007. We miss your wit and wisdom R.A.
Bruce Sorge, on his second deployment to Iraq, this time with his Texas National Guard Unit, but still sporting his Toujours Pret patch from the first tour. At last report, Bruce had put in his paperwork to go active again, and is pushing for 19D with the 2nd Cav.
Gene Beck, C Trp, 1st Sqdn, 1975-79. The days of the M551 Sheridan, when the black beret helped set the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment apart from the rest of the Army.
2_2 with m114
Chris Golden (left) and other members of the 2nd Cavalry Association attending the Association’s 2007 reunion. They are visiting the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles.
Major General (Ret.) Robert E. “The Dueler” Wagner, 60th Colonel of the Regiment, leads the gathering at the 2007 Association reunion in a hearty “Toujours Pret!”.
honored guests 3
Honored guests seated in front of members of the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment and Honorary Regimental Piper at the Bela Nad Radbuzou memorial honoring Raymond Manz and Owen Sutton, two 2nd Cavalry troopers killed near there just days prior to the end of WW II in Europe, while on a secret mission miles behind enemy lines to rescue a large group of allied POW’s and hundreds of the finest horses in Europe from the Germans and advancing Russians.
Francis McGroary (left), F Co, 42nd Reconnaissance Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Group (Mecz), and his friend “Red”, on the banks of the Moselle River, enjoying a bottle of French wine as artillery shells land on the hill behind their M8 armored car.
Patrick Biddy, former 2ACR medic, at a monument in the Czech Republic from former WW I 2nd Cavalry trooper and father of the US Constabulary, Major General Ernest N. Harmon, presented by General Harmon to the city of Dysina in August 1945.
Pvt. Bob Simon (left), Pfc. Howard Tucker and Pfc. Lenny Leonard, 3/2ACR 1977-78.
Wendell. S. Young (right), awarded the Silver Star for gallantry while serving with B Trp, 2nd Reconnaissance Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Group, and his best friend Leroy Bertram. Leroy earned the Purple Heart and an early ticket home. Wendell has carried this picture in his wallet for over 60 years. The two were reunited for the first time since WW II at the Second Cavalry Association 2007 Reunion.
Pfc. Alexander, K Trp 1990-92, on the plane home from the regiments first deployment to the Gulf.
Tim Adams
Tim Adams, K Trp, 3/2ACR, 1981-83, proudly displays his certificates earned while with the regiment.
Bela 31
Members of the Military Car Club Pilsen at the Manz-Sutton memorial in Bela Nad Radbuzou, Sept. 16, 2006.
Grafenwohr, a Howitzer Battery mortarman displays a round with a special message scrawled on the side that was very popular at the time…..”die commie scum”.
Dan Martin, F Troop, 2/2ACR, 1973, at OP30.
Vito Spadafino, Trp A, 42nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Group (Mecz), WW II.
Vito Spadafino was an honored guest at a special showing of the Lipizzan Stallions in 2006. Vito was part of Operation Cowboy, the secret mission at the end of WW II in Europe to rescue the Lipizzan breeding herd from the Germans and Russians in Czechoslovakia.
Two former 2nd Cav troopers at the Orlando 2003 reunion, Glen Back (left), Second Cavalry Association board member, and Honorary Regimental Bagpiper Merritt Powell. Merritt was with the original Howitzer Battery back in 1952, thus the red cord on his Cavalry Stetson for Artillery.
Bruce Odom, Tank Section, HQ Trp, Merrell Barracks, 1961-63. The world was on the brink of nuclear war, and the 2nd Armored Cavalry was on the leading edge.
Part of an old farmhouse foundation where the village of Rosendorf, Czechoslovakia, once stood, is now a monument to Raymond Manz and Owen Sutton, two 2nd Cavalry troopers who fell during the battle here. Members of the Military Car Club Pilsen stand honor guard during the ceremony unveiling the plaque April 28, 2006, the 61st anniversary of the battle.
Ready for a snowy night patrol along the Czech border, a thankless job made obsolete by the fall of the Iron Curtain.
Dave Cox, Steve Fortson and Dan Matthews, K Trp, Pond Bks, 1980-82, survey equipment in preparation of a long weekends training.
Squadron S-2 Intel at Amberg, 1982.
Pitman madness
Dave Gettman, C Trp 1974-75, showing signs of Border Madness at Camp Pitman.
“Wild Bill” Hurley, C Trp 1985, showing signs of Border Fatigue.
To those who have gone before us….
Cary Ley, C Trp 1974-76, showing signs of Border Control.
The “short-timers” from HOW Battery, 2/2ACR 1974, showing signs of Border Bon Voyage.
Pfc Collier, K Trp 3/2, Pond Bks, showing signs of Border Decor.
Eight previous Colonels of the Regiment at the 2007 Association reunion. Left to right: Retired General John H. Tilelli, Jr., 63rd COR; Brig. Gen. Terry A. Wolff, 71st COR; Retired Lieut. Gen. Don Holder, 65th COR; Retired Col. Thomas M. Molino, 67th COR and President of the Second Cavalry Association; Retired Maj. Gen. Robert E. “Dueler” Wagner, 60th COR; Lieut. Gen. Douglas E. Lute, 70th COR; Brig. Gen. Bradley W. May, 72nd COR; Retired Col. John C. Eberle, 66th COR.
Jesse Kelly, F Trp, 2/2ACR, 1972-75.
1Lt Samuel and members of the MCCP at the Manz-Sutton Memorial in Rosendorf, 9/16/06.
2nd Cav troopers love their bier! This is Matt Vitkevich, C Troop 1984-86.
“Kentucky Jim”, K Trp 3/2ACR, 1980.
Sgt. Gonzales, K Trp, 3/2ACR, 1980.
Sgt. Smith (left) and Robin Johnston digging their tank out of the Hohenfels mud, 1969-70.
George Sasser, L Troop 1981-86, on his first day with the regiment at Pond Bks.
Old Bill grooming the parade field.
2005 reunion
David Gettman, sporting my 2nd Cavalry beret at the 50th and final reunion of my dad’s WW II outfit, the 99th Cavalry Recon Troop, with the three remaining members, Ray Ritter, 3rd platoon, Chuck Dempewolf and George Bubash, both who served under my dad in 1st platoon.
Richard Tanner, HOW Battery, 1/2ACR, 1970-73.
deployable 003
David Gettman, defending the backyard BBQ.
The oldest and youngest 2nd Cav troopers at the 2003 Orlando reunion, Cpt. Todd Clark, just returned with L Trp from Iraq, and WW II vet Henry Carmona.
old computer II 113
A 2nd Cavalry mortar crew in Bosnia, sending one down range.
Cpt. Jensen shows the frustration often encountered in Iraq.
Owen Sutton (right) and an unknown friend anticipate going to the Pacific theater after Pearl Harbor. Instead the 2nd Cavalry Regiment enters the war in Northern France, and Owen loses his life to the German’s in Czechoslovakia a week before V-E Day.
old computer II 648
The 152mm main gun from M-551A1 Sheridan C-15, where it landed after a massive explosion destroyed the vehicle during exercises in Germany, July 25, 1974.
Bela 10
The monument for Manz and Sutton in Bela Nad Radbuzou, 9/16/06.
Regimental punch II
The mixing of the Regimental Punch, a time honored tradition in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, with ingredients steeped in history.
Raymond Schultz (left) and friend during a break in combat, in front of their M8 armored car C-17.
Steve Irons, L Trp 1973-75.
Members of the MCCP at the Manz-Sutton Memorial, Bela Nad Radbuzou, 9/16/06.
seven steps
My dad Henry Gettman and I, when he was a WO-2 with HHC, 1st Bn, 2nd ACR in Bayreuth/Bindlach, 1953-55.
Ruddy Bayer, President of the MCCP, at the Manz-Sutton memorial in the Czech Republic.
old computer II 087
A young 2ACR trooper unloading vehicles at the port during the regiments second deployment to the Gulf.
A Bradley fighting vehicle of I Trp, 3/2ACR at Camp May, 1987.
Spc. Avealalo Milo, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, killed by small arms fire Oct. 4, 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq.
2nd Cavalry troopers team with Grenze Polizei to patrol the Czech & East German borders. Know anybody?
A 2nd Constabulary Regiment trooper guards a crossing at the end of the American zone during post-WW II occupation duty in Europe. Except for a few short stateside stays and several deployments to war torn areas to lend support, the 2nd Cavalry has remained in Germany since 1945.
The 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment is officially welcomed back to Germany in a ceremony held 9/15/06. The unit is currently HQ’d in Vilseck.
Memorial 34
Gaylord Jerry Toole, Patrick Biddy and Ruda Bayer at the first Manz-Sutton Memorial in Rosendorf 4/28/06, 61 years to the day from the beginning of the mission that took the lives of Manz and Sutton.
Camp Muleskinner, Baghdad. Home to the 2nd Cavalry during their second deployment.
Raymond Manz, Trp A 42nd Recon, 2nd Cavalry Grp, takes a break from the fighting in Europe. Manz would later be posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
Matt Vitkevich, C Trp, 1984-86, in the armor’s cage.
Cpt. Tullius Tupper (left), commander of Trp E, 2nd Sqdn, and his brother William Tupper, prior to entering the European war.
Len Dyer, current curator of the Reed Museum, the 2nd Cavalry Association museum for the regiment. Photo taken at Ft Lewis, prior to packing up and moving back to Germany. The museum was also at Ft Polk for a few years while the regiment was there and in the Gulf.
William “Neck” Garrett, in the field somewhere with A Trp, 1st Sqdn, 1971-74.
Louis Stanton, Iraq, 2003.
plaque award I
My dad, then M/Sgt. Henry Gettman, sometime after returning from Vietnam in 1967.
Memorial 43
Manz-Sutton Memorial, Rosendorf, Czech Republic, 4/28/2006.
Raising the 2nd Dragoon guidon over Baghdad, Iraq, 2007.

23 Replies to “2d Dragoon Tribute”

  1. M-Co. 3/2 ACR 1981 – 1984, For years had thought of those wonderful years, can’t bring them back, but maybe some who may have special memories of that time as well.


    1. Hey Mark,
      There are hundreds of us (over 800 at last count) former 2nd Cavalry border rats holed up over at Dragoon Base. Guys (and a couple gals) from all troops and eras. We’ve even got some of our old German friends to help keep the memories alive.

      Grab your photos and bring your old stories. We’re waiting to hear from you. Absolutely free and painless to join. Unlimited space for photos, stories, music, videos, whatever you want. Hope to see you there soon. http://dragoonbase.ning.com/

      Toujours Pret!

      PFC “Tacoma Dave” Gettman
      C Trp 1/2ACR Bindlach 1974-75
      History Center Editor in Chief



    I need your help. If you are a person of faith, please consider my book, TORAH REVELATIONS TODAY, now available on CreateSpace e-Store / Amazon.com Lists for: $16.99

    When I served with the 2nd/2nd ACR (1977-1978) I was proud to be there with you, and those who knew me well, also knew of my faith in the Lord. I am now a minister with 22 years of service, and I have also served well in the Kingdom of God and his Christ.

    I put four-years into the research, writing, and now am into the public relations campaign for the book. I am absolutely sure that each of you have messages encoded into the Torah / Pentateuch. I even found many codes on myself that dealt with my Cold-War experiences. They were 100% accurate.

    I humbly ask that you get this book, and share the information with as many people as you can. My analysis of 5.4 Million “hits” produced a wealth of new bible code information. I simply must make people aware that they have Personal Torah/Bible Codes! Please help me fight this spiritual battle! Please pray for this unique ministry!

    Rev. Theodore G. McClendon Jr.
    Former SP-4
    Fox Troop, 2nd/2nd ACR


  3. Dana,
    Good to see that You are still Charging Hard!
    though many things have changed since then
    Even though Col. Wagner is now a Maj. General (retired) he’s still charging hard also!


  4. Emails to the “Adjutant” and Dave Gettman addresses (@secondcavalry.com) were returned…is there a good address for someone for me to send a question to regarding the Honorary Squadron of Dragoons and a history addition?


  5. I served with 2/2acr gtroop as mech.63c from 75-78 lost all picks of my time in bamberg,hof,colberg,graf would like to hear from someone .all burned up in house fire you can send email@ stauff74@gmail.com tanks


  6. I literally grew up in the 2nd ACR. Loved it, miss it. I served with C Trp 1/2 from 1977 – 1981. Then once again with I Trp 3/2 from 1985 – 1988. Camp Rotz, Camp Weiden to Camp Gates I loved it all. Best duty I ever had in my 21 years serving our great nation. From sheridons to M1 tanks. Gunneries in Graf. To Troop fights. If you ain’t Cav you ain’t SHEE – IT !!!


  7. K Trp 3/2 ACR my first assignment straight from the 21st Replacement in Frankfurt. 1979-1984. I’ve wish to contact the guys from the troop, I see photos of the “Dueler”posted above leading on his famous Cav yell. Tim Adams, PFC Collier, SGT Gonzalez.
    Indeed it was a thankless job but we did what our country asked of us. From the ranges of Graf, Vilseck, to Camp May, Camp Rotz and doing “Q” Services in freezing temperatures and listening to that awkward Christmas music blared from the Squadron Building, yeh those were the days!!

    And still “if you aint Cav!!! , YOU AINT SHEE_IIT!!

    SPC5 Carlos Marquez
    K Troop 3/2 ACR


    1. I served 2 years on the border..was label as a
      border rat….was station at both Cam Rotz n Camp May…I was known as Beaner…..


  8. To all my fellow Troopers. I served with I Troop 3/2 ACR Amberg, Germany. 1974-1976
    The best and the worst time in my life. The 2ND ACR made me a man, and a better Soldier.
    I will never forget Amberg and the people who I lived with. To my boys, Steven Carpenter, Oliver Talbert, Kevin Wiggens and Steven B. ODell. I loved the Cav. Long live the 2nd ACR.

    SFC Bernard L. Turner
    U.S. Army 1973-1994.


    1. I see that you mentioned my name on dragoon basein conection withSandy the german girl up at camp rotz.She was hot! I just can’t picture your face(getting old!) Send a pic to wrafertyjr@gmail.com


  9. That pic of “George Sasser” is actually Matt Vitkevich. Glen Healing took that photo of me. We were walking between gasthauses around the Rock one weekend, sampling biers. Cheers Glen, if you’re out there somewhere!


  10. I m Rob Torrance. I served with K Troop 3/2ACR from 81-82. I did border patrols, gunnery you name it. I’ve found many from K Troop. Bill Collier, Jim Downey, Dan Mathews, Rick Pottorf,Luke Runyon and some others. Anyone remembering me please shoot me an email at ptfd5149@yahoo.com.


  11. Served in B Troop 1/2 ACR in Binlach, Germany. Great place to serve with a bunch of young, crazy soldiers. I grew up fast in B Troop, arrived at the “Rock” at when I was 18 in 1973


  12. Spent my time 1974 to 1979 2/2 Cav Bamberg.
    Squadron Maintenance and Boarder Patrol maintenance. Best times ever had.


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