By Joseph I. Lambert, Major, Second Cavalry
Copyright 1939 Commanding Officer, Second Cavalry, Fort Riley, Kansas
Capper Printing Company, Inc.

us5e2cv61Company K, which had been inactive since January, 1848, was reorganized in September, 1849, and took station at Albuquerque, New Mexico. An expedition against the Indians consisting of two companies of the First Dragoons, led by Captain Grier of that regiment and Company K, Second Dragoons, under Lieutenant Adams, First Dragoons, because of the shortage of officers in the Second, left Rayado, New Mexico, July 23, 1850. They traveled north to the Verniego River, up that river to its source, and thence across the headwaters of the Canadian River. After two days and nights of almost constant travel over rough mountains, the spies reported a small party of hostile Indians in sight. Company K, acting as advance guard, attacked the savages, killing or wounding all of them and capturing their animals. Continuing the march that night, Captain Grier came upon the main hostile village about 1:00 p.m. on the 26th, situated on a mountain side in a thick growth of aspens which was surrounded by marshy ground. The Indians put up a running fight, but on account of the difficult terrain, the troops soon lost sight of them. In these fights the dragoons lost one sergeant killed, while the Indians lost six killed, six wounded, many horses, mules, cattle, and sheep, and much provisions captured.

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