By Joseph I. Lambert, Major, Second Cavalry
Copyright 1939 Commanding Officer, Second Cavalry, Fort Riley, Kansas
Capper Printing Company, Inc.

us5e2cv61While making a scout near Box Elder, Utah, with Company G, Lieutenant Gay received word there was an encampment of hostile Indians at Devil’s Gate Canon, a few miles away. Leaving his wagons at Box Elder but taking along pack mules, Lieutenant Gay left at 2:00 a.m., August 15, 1859, using a Mormon guide to show the way. After a rapid march of two hours, the village was reached and the attack made at once as a complete surprise. The company formed foragers and charged mounted, killing several of the Indians. Since the hostiles took refuge among the boulders, which were inaccessible to mounted men, it was necessary to dismount to continue the fight. A spirited contest now lasted for one and one-half hours, when the enemy fire gradually ceased. It was estimated the Indians were over 150 strong and lost about twenty killed, while the company had six wounded.

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