By Joseph I. Lambert, Major, Second Cavalry
Copyright 1939 Commanding Officer, Second Cavalry, Fort Riley, Kansas
Capper Printing Company, Inc.

IWCompany B left the camp again July 13 and scouted along Owl Creek, Rattlesnake Hills, and south of Sweetwater. It struck a party of Indians July 19, killing one and capturing eight animals.

During 1875 the Indian marauders became bolder in their raids, sometimes coming near the military camps. First Sergeant Mitchell and a detachment of Company D discovered a party of savages near the company garden on July 1. After a spirited fight the hostiles were driven away, leaving two dead.

In the fall of 1875 the regiment went into winter quarters at the following stations:

Regimental Headquarters, Band, and Cos. B, E; Fort Sanders, Wyoming.
Co. A; Fort Fetterman, Wyoming.
Co. C; Fort Stambaugh, Wyoming.
Co. D;
Fort Fred Steele, Wyoming.
Cos. F, G, H, L; Fort Ellis, Montana.
Cos. I, K; Fort Laramie, Wyoming.
Co. M; Camp Brown, Wyoming.

3 Replies to “WINTER QUARTERS”

  1. Sir;

    My co-author and I are writing a piece about one Trooper Hartley, (my co-author’s great-grandfather) a sergeant who served with Company G of the 2nd Cavalry from 1870-1875. May we please use some of your facts relative to battles fought by the companies of the 2nd assigned to Fort Ellis, MT, if we provide you with attribution? I’m a published author and won’t use anything from your site unless you say “yes”, my word of honor. I don’t plagarize or steal from others. Thanks in advance. BTW, where did you find all this fantastic info?

    Rich Finzer
    Hannibal, NY


    1. Absolutely, Rich. Not a problem.

      Everything on the site is public domain. We’ve contributed to numerous publications and documentaries recently. Always our pleasure to contribute to the preservation of history.

      Dave Gettman
      2d Cavalry Association


  2. I’m seeking information concerning my 2X Great Uncle, Vernon Dronenburg, Blacksmith of K Company 2nd Cav before and during the April 1876 Powder River attack. He deserted after that and applied for his Civil War Pension at Ft Leavenworth, settling in southern Missouri. Specifically when did he desert and when was he dropped from the Rolls. Thank you

    Reference for Civil War Service:


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