Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E), 2d and 42d Cavalry Reconnaissance Battalions

Len Dyer, former curator at the 2d Cavalry’s Reed Museum, provided the following information:

2d Cavalry Group (Mechanized) operated under the Sept 1943 Table of Organization T/O 2-25 for the 2d & 42d Cavalry Reconnaissance Battalions. There were 44 officers, 3 warrant officers & 949 enlisted per battalion. Within the battalions there were 7 companies often referred to as cavalry troops (but officially as companies): HQ Company, recon companies – A, B, C, & D, assault gun company – E, & light tank company – F.

Each battalion was set up as follows:
HQ Co. T/O 2-26 had 12-officers, 3-warrant officers & 127-enlisted.
(11) – jeeps, (9) – M-3 halftracks, (4) – M-8 greyhound armored cars, (14) – 2 1/2 ton trucks, (1) 4 ton wrecker, (1) M-32 tank recovery vehicle.

A, B, C & D Cos. T/O 2-27 had 5-officers & 140-enlisted.
(23) – jeeps, (12) – M-8 greyhound armored cars, (4) M-3 halftracks, (1) 2 1/2 ton trucks (per company).

E Co. T/O 2-28 had 5-officers & 111-enlisted.
(2) – jeeps, (8) – M-8 – 75mm howitzer motor carriages, (10) M-3 halftracks, (1) 2 1/2 ton truck (1) light tank recovery vehicle (per company).

F Co. T/O 17-17 had 5-officers & 92-enlisted.
(2) – jeeps, (17) M-5a1 Stuart light tanks, (1) M-3 halftrack, (1) 2 1/2 ton truck. This T/O changed in Nov 1944 (T/O ?) and the M-5a1s were replaced with (17) M-24 Chaffees [Editors note: these M-24 Chaffees issued to the 2d Cavalry Group were the first in Europe].

Each battalion also had:
(1) 81mm mortar
(36) 60mm mortars
(29) .50 cal mgs
(68) .30 cal mgs
(238) submachineguns, M1a1 Thompsons or M-3a1 greaseguns
(574) M-1 carbines
(120) M-1 Garands
(64) .45 cal M-1911a1
(37) M-9 bazookas

To view an extensive list of related field manuals click on this link OLD FIELD MANUALS. These manuals are in pdf format and may be viewed in their entirety with Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download the latest version free from CNET. Free Adobe Reader.

2 Replies to “Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E), 2d and 42d Cavalry Reconnaissance Battalions”

  1. I visited your website about a year or 2 ago looking for my father’s cousin, Willard Clapper, Pfc, who had been with the 42nd on November 11th 1944, when he was killed. Listed on one page of your website as KIA.

    From information I have gotten from your website, it appears that he may have been one of the 42nd’s troopers killed when a nearby truck exploded possibly when it was hit by a mortar round.

    I have now found from his obituary that Willard was a member of F company when he died. My father’s recollections (now deceased) was that he met with Willard while they were both in England getting ready for D-Day. My father had mentioned Willard being assigned to a tank unit.

    Is there any other information that I might be able to find on your site, or some other place that I might go to find out anything more about Willard Clapper? I have the information about where he is burried, his service number and the awards that he received, but I have not found out whether or not he received his awards (purple heart and Bronze star) when he was killed or at some point earlier.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.


  2. F Troop, 42d Sqdn, 2d Cavalry Group 1942-46 My father was in his unit ( he was in a tank ) My father was wounded 45 day’s before the end of the war in czechoslovakia . He is now 88 years young , I don’t know if he remembers Pfc. Clapper . I asked him about the war and he really doesn’t talk about it that much . But I can ask him if he remembers him .


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