Rhineland I

Compiled, edited and published by Historical Section, Second Cavalry Association
Maj. A. L. Lambert and Cpt. G. B. Layton, 2d Cavalry

Luneville (map IV)(map 25)(map NS) was the initial objective as the Second Cavalry Group pushed steadily north and east on the opening day of the Rhineland Campaign. C 42 worked north against Luneville from above Fraimbois (map 25), while C 2 pushed through Moncel (map 25) to secure Marainviller (map 25) and cut the main road into Luneville from the east, then turned and moved westward toward the city. However, the enemy in this area anticipated our arrival and was alert and waiting for us. Both Troops met stiff and well organized resistance as they attempted to enter the town from the southwest and east respectively. Our first attack was stopped and hurled back by the unexpected viciousness of the German defense.

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