Officers Joining 2d Cavalry Group After Embarkation

Officers that joined the 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz) after embarkation.

Compiled, edited and published by Historical Section, Second Cavalry Association
Maj. A. L. Lambert and Cpt. G. B. Layton, 2d Cavalry

(1) killed in actin/died of wounds (3 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (15 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (8 total)

BARREN, Robert J., 1st Lt.; BAYER, Michael S., 1st Lt.; BOLICK, Fred S., 2nd Lt.; BRADLEY, Cameron F., 2nd Lt.(2); BRADLYN, Yale J., 2nd Lt.; BROWN, Charles W., 1st Lt.; CALDERWOOD, Leonard F., 1st Lt.; CAMERON, Jack L., 1st Lt.; CAPEWELL, William L., 2nd Lt.; CHEATHAM, John R., 2nd Lt.; CRISMAN, Eugene D., 2nd Lt.; DEAN, James E., 2nd Lt.; DYESS, William R. Jr., 2nd Lt.; FIEDLER, Frederick W. Jr., 2nd Lt.(1)(3); FOWLER, Samuel R., 2nd Lt.; FREEDMAN, David A., 1st Lt.; GANNAWAY, Albert C. Jr., 2nd Lt.; GEORGE, Elmer C., 2nd Lt.; GILMARTIN, John F., 2nd Lt.; GOULET, Joseph E., 2nd Lt.; HANCOCK, Winfield S., 2nd Lt.; HAVERTY, Melvin B., 2nd Lt.(1)(3); HUMMER, Robert B.F. Jr., 2nd Lt.(2); HUSON, Hobart Jr., 1st Lt.(2); KELLOGG, Harry W., 2nd Lt.(2); KING, Roland R., 2nd Lt.(1); LANE, Harry A., 2nd Lt.; LASSWELL, Richard E., 2nd Lt.(2)(3); LITTLE, Charles M. Jr., 2nd Lt.; MANNING, James C. Jr., 2nd Lt.(2); MANSFIELD, Clayton J., Col.; MANTI, Alfred A., 1st Lt.; McCALEB, Robert C., 1st Lt.; MITCHELL, Stephen C., 2nd Lt.(2)(3); MYKYTYN, Peter P., 2nd Lt.(2); PIRNIE, Erwin J., 1st Lt.(2); QUINLIVAN, William D., 2nd Lt.; ROBERTS, Douglas C., 2nd Lt.(2)(3); ROGERS, John T., 1st Lt.(2); ROY, Charles F., 2nd Lt.(3); SLIGER, Glen T., 1st Lt.; SMITH, William H., 1st Lt.; SPERL, Ferdinand P., Capt.(3); SUSS, Irving D., 2nd Lt.; TOOLEY, Francis L. Jr., 1st Lt.(2); VIGORITO, Joseph P., 2nd Lt.(2); WATKINS, William C., 1st Lt.; WEBSTER, Laurence A., 2nd Lt.; WEISBERGER, Albert M., 2nd Lt.(2); WEST, Wells D., 1st Lt.; WESTBURG, John E., 2nd Lt.; WILLIAMS, Richard L., 1st Lt.; WITHERS, William P., Col.; WOLF, Martin W., 1st Lt.(2)(3); WROE, Robert L., 1st Lt.

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