Troop B, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)

Troop B, 42d Squadron

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (2 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (37 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (7 total)

EBREY, Henry J. Jr., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer
LEHNER, Edward F., 1st Lt.(2)
KELLY, Thomas W. Jr., 1st Lt.(1)
LINDOERFER, George R., 2nd Lt.(3)
MITCHELL, Burton W., 2nd Lt.

ADAMS, Dewey C.; ANDRADE, Billy(2); BARR, Eugene C.; BARTASHUNAS, Anthony F.; BELOBRADICH, James L.; BIGGS, Joseph D.; BIXLER, Charles L.; BOUILLON, Gerald E.(2); BRANCATELLI, Joseph A.; BRANDON, William J.G.(2); BREEDLOVE, James D.(2); BRETT, Howard S.; BROWN, Curtis A.; BROWN, Floyd E.; BUKOVEC, William E.; BULLOCK, John H.; BURGO, Salvatore J.; CASEY, Floyd J.; CLARK, Roger W.(2); CLEMENT, Richard A.; COHEN, Max(2); COLLINS, Charles; COLVIN, James T.; COMUNALE, Paul(2); CONRAD, William C.; COSENTINO, James J.; CRIST, Quinn M.; CROWE, Samuel W.; CUTIERREN, Grespier C.; DANZIGER, Bernard; DARONE, Robert B.; DEL VAR, Joseph; DERDERIAN, John S.; DeTEMPLE, Woodrow; DIPPIEIAN, Vincent A.; DRAKE, Marion L. Jr.; EARLY, Mervin M.; EMAN, Emmett A.; EPPERSON, Roy E.; FINDAHL, Clinev(2); FLORIO, John P.(3); FOSTER, Jack J.; FREDRICK, William C.; FRYMIER, Clifford E.; GALLIANO, Bernard S.; GEARHART, Howard O.; GEORGE, Elmer C.; GLASS, Joseph G.; GOLD, Jack; GOSTENZO, Joseph F.; GRECO, Jerome; GRIFFIN, George(2); HARBOUR, Melvin; HART, James M.; HAZLETT, Lawrence E.(2); HEINRICKS, George H.(2); HEJKA, Andrew(2); HENDERSEN, William F.; HERTEL, Otto; HODGE, Joe J.(2); HOPPELL, Leonard W.; HUNTSUCKER, Kenneth E.; HURLEY, Thomas R.; JENSEN, Keith A.(3); JOSE, Patrick J.; JUEDES, William H.; KELLY, John; KINELOW, Walter M.; KING, Francis X.(2); KNIGHT, Clayde W.(2); KOBLER, Miller(2); KOCHEN, Peter J.; KOFOED, Rex; KREIDER, John B. Jr.; LANE, Harry A.(3); LAWLER, William T.; LEIMONTAS, Peter F.; LEMIRE, Charles L.; LEWIS, Ronald C.; LOWRY, James Jr.; LUCAS, Herbert J.; LUNDY, Marvin E.; MAGDANZ, Robert J.(2); MANDRUM, Coley T.; MARTIN, George F.; MATTHEW, Kain J.; McARTHUR, Robert W.; McDANIEL, Ross L.; McDONALD, Francis B.; McWILLIAM, Earl R.; McWILLIAMS, Delbert W.(2); MESSEY, Philip W.; MONTARULI, David R.(2); MOONEY, John T.; MOORE, Floyd C.; MOORE, George H.(2); MOORE, Mahlon S.(2); MOORE, Norman J.; MORRISON, Joseph E.; NEWMAN, Roy E.; NOODLIEF, Bailey G.(2); NOWACKOUSKI, Edward H.(2); PASSALAQUA, Nick R.(2); PETERSEN, John A.; PHILLIPS, Jack E.; PIERCE, Charles I.(2); PIRONE, William B.(2); POINEAU, Bernard J.; POOLE, Junior; POTTS, Guy C.; QUAN, Herbert Q.; RAFFERTY, Peter E.; RAWLINGS, Harry A.(2); REESCH, Richard R.; REEVES, James D.(2)(3); RETNOUR, Earl S.; REVERT, William J.; REYNS, Roy R.; ROGERS, Elwood Z.(2); ROSCOE, Daniel J.; ROSE, Robert M.; ROUSE, Carl R.; ROUSE, George H.; RUBIN, Samuel(2); RUSSO, Leonard A.(2); SALLORE, William B.; SALVAGIONE, Dominick(2); SANDY, Stanley H.(1); SCOTT, Aaron J.; SEBREE, Ralph P.; SICILIE, Frank P.; SMITH, Eugene(2); SMITH, Robert L.(2); SMITH, Stephen A.; SMITH, William D.; SNELLGROVE, Herbert B.; SOMMERVILE, Lewis W.; SPRUILL, Dewey M.(2); STEWART, Lloyd T.; SUNDERLAND, John H.; SYKES, Frank; THOMAS, John R.; TRAIL, Henry; TRUILOR, Salvatore J.; TRUNER, Edward P.; TURNER, Eugene E.; UGLIAROLO, Ramond F.(2); VORPERIEN, Zaren K.; WALL, Delmar N.; WALLACH, Lawrence K.; WALLER, Thomas G.; WALTMAN, Wayne W.(3); WARD, Maylon E.; WARD, William T. Jr.; WATSON, Lyle C.; WEISSTEIN, Joseph A.; WILSON, Ernest J.; WOHLFORD, Robert C.; WOHRLE, Howard J.; WOLF, Lester(3); WOOLEY, Clayton A.; YOUNG, Carl W. Jr.; ZIESSE, Hanley C.; ZIMMERMANN, Melvin C.

One Reply to “Troop B, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)”

  1. Hello
    My name is Kevin and I am writing about my uncle Marion Drake Jr.
    I am looking for any information on him from anyone who might have served with him
    or with knowledge of him.

    I am a Civil War writer most notably the Battle of Gettysburg. I am currently researching the
    cavalry at Gettysburg and decided also to write about my uncle and the 42nd with all the
    notes and pictures he took when serving in Europe during WWII .

    Thank you for any help.

    Kevin Drake


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