Reporting To And Departing From The Regiment

Immediately after an officer or NCO is assigned to the Regiment, it is customary for a letter of welcome to be dispatched from the Regiment to the individual….

In the case of an officer, the letter is sent by the Regimental Commander, while the Regimental Command Sergeant Major sends the letter of welcome to an NCO. This letter usually encloses such information as may be necessary for orientating the individual and facilitating his immediate adjustment to his probable duties and new station. All new officers normally report to the Regimental Adjutant or Squadron Adjutant and are addressed at an appropriate time by the Regimental or Squadron Commander. At that time, the new officer will be oriented to the missions and organization of the Regiment, the new officer’ s probable duty assignment, and perhaps, the history, customs, and traditions of the Regiment. When departing the Regiment, whether for civilian life or for a new duty assignment, it is customary for all officers to pay their respects in person to the Regimental or Squadron Commander.

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