Replacement Officers, 2d Cavalry Group 1942-46

Officers that joined the 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz) after embarkation.

(1) killed in actin/died of wounds (3 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (15 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (8 total)

BARREN, Robert J., 1st Lt.; BAYER, Michael S., 1st Lt.; BOLICK, Fred S., 2nd Lt.; BRADLEY, Cameron F., 2nd Lt.(2); BRADLYN, Yale J., 2nd Lt.; BROWN, Charles W., 1st Lt.; CALDERWOOD, Leonard F., 1st Lt.; CAMERON, Jack L., 1st Lt.; CAPEWELL, William L., 2nd Lt.; CHEATHAM, John R., 2nd Lt.; CRISMAN, Eugene D., 2nd Lt.; DEAN, James E., 2nd Lt.; DYESS, William R. Jr., 2nd Lt.; FIEDLER, Frederick W. Jr., 2nd Lt.(1)(3); FOWLER, Samuel R., 2nd Lt.; FREEDMAN, David A., 1st Lt.; GANNAWAY, Albert C. Jr., 2nd Lt.; GEORGE, Elmer C., 2nd Lt.; GILMARTIN, John F., 2nd Lt.; GOULET, Joseph E., 2nd Lt.; HANCOCK, Winfield S., 2nd Lt.; HAVERTY, Melvin B., 2nd Lt.(1)(3); HUMMER, Robert B.F. Jr., 2nd Lt.(2); HUSON, Hobart Jr., 1st Lt.(2); KELLOGG, Harry W., 2nd Lt.(2); KING, Roland R., 2nd Lt.(1); LANE, Harry A., 2nd Lt.; LASSWELL, Richard E., 2nd Lt.(2)(3); LITTLE, Charles M. Jr., 2nd Lt.; MANNING, James C. Jr., 2nd Lt.(2); MANSFIELD, Clayton J., Col.; MANTI, Alfred A., 1st Lt.; McCALEB, Robert C., 1st Lt.; MITCHELL, Stephen C., 2nd Lt.(2)(3); MYKYTYN, Peter P., 2nd Lt.(2); PIRNIE, Erwin J., 1st Lt.(2); QUINLIVAN, William D., 2nd Lt.; ROBERTS, Douglas C., 2nd Lt.(2)(3); ROGERS, John T., 1st Lt.(2); ROY, Charles F., 2nd Lt.(3); SLIGER, Glen T., 1st Lt.; SMITH, William H., 1st Lt.; SPERL, Ferdinand P., Capt.(3); SUSS, Irving D., 2nd Lt.; TOOLEY, Francis L. Jr., 1st Lt.(2); VIGORITO, Joseph P., 2nd Lt.(2); WATKINS, William C., 1st Lt.; WEBSTER, Laurence A., 2nd Lt.; WEISBERGER, Albert M., 2nd Lt.(2); WEST, Wells D., 1st Lt.; WESTBURG, John E., 2nd Lt.; WILLIAMS, Richard L., 1st Lt.; WITHERS, William P., Col.; WOLF, Martin W., 1st Lt.(2)(3); WROE, Robert L., 1st Lt.

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