A Troop, 2d Sqdn, 2d Cavalry Group 1942-46

Troop A, 2d Squadron

(1) killed in action / died of wounds (0 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (63 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (4 total)

CUNNINGHAM, Robert F., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer(2)(3)
MORRISON, William M., 1st Lt.(2)(3)
SHULZE, Fritz H., 2nd Lt.
BROWN, Robert E., 1st Lt.(2)
KITTLE, Roger R., 2nd Lt.

AKERS, Thomas R.(2); AKINS, Byron L.(2); AKINS, Zimrie G.; ALEXANDER, Carl L. Jr.(2); ALLEN, John R.(2); ALLISON, James; ARNEY, John A.; AXELROTH, Warren; BAFS, Edward C.; BAILEY, Vance M.; BALBACH, Elmer S.(2); BAMBER, Thomas F.; BARNETT, Nathan; BEACHAM, Johnnie C.(2); BEEBE, William R.;(2); BENN, Richard O.; BOUDREUA, Renaud W.; BOWMAN, Kenneth E.; BRADLEY, Robert B.; BRIGGS, Gladwin M.(2); BRIGGS, Hugh H.; BRYANT, Dorsey L.; BUCKLEY, Donald J.; BUIE, Robert L.; CAMPBELL, Garrett C.; CARTER, M.C.; CEDERSTROM, John W.(2); CHAMPAGNE, Edward C.(2); CLAVER, Charles C.; CLAWSON, Harold; COOK, Roy C.; CRAWFORD, Robert A.; CRIMM, Charles A. Jr.; CROASMUN, William A.; CROSBY, Bruce A.; DALE, Charles F. Jr.; DALE, Walter M.; DALTON, William R.; DAVIS, George E. Jr.(2); DAW, William E.; DAWSON, William H. Jr.; De AMICIS, Albert F.; De JORDO, Albert F.; Di PLACITO, John A.; DUNHAM, Virgil J.(2); EHLY, Harry D. Jr.; ESTEP, Everett; EVERETT, George O.; FIEAL, Leland M.(2); FEINER, William G.; FLOREK, Frank F.; FONTENOT, Hazelton P.(2); FORD, George M.; FOSTER, Steve(2); FREEMAN, Ney E.(2); FULLERTON, Robert J.; GABROVICH, Emil; GALEILLA, Anthony; GARDNER, Avis H.; GATES, Darrell M.(2); GEORGE, Benjamin F. Jr.; GIAMPIETRO, Vincent R.; GIBBONS, John S.(2); GORDON, Hugh M.(2); GRENELL, William A.(2); GRO, Howard S.; GRUBER, Frank A.; GYLLENSWAN, Robert J.; HALL, Edwin P.; HAMMOND, Lester P.; HANNA, Robert F.; HANSON, Harry L.(2); HARDING, Charles B.(2); HARVEY, Everett R.(2); HAUSMAN, Robert L.(2); HENSLEY, Dale L.(2); HERENDSEN, Robert E.; HIGHBEE, Gerald E.; HOEHN, Richard S.(2); HOWELL, Dennis R.; HYLAND, Thomas S.; JENKINS, Nathaniel; JOHNSON, Garnet; JOHNSON, Roy F.; JONES, William P.; KAZLAUSKAS, George S.; KELLY, Joseph L.(2); KERNER, Arthur; KINLEY, Ralph E.; KLUTZ, Frank J.(2); KNACK, Ernest L.; KNEPP, Lorene(2); KRECZMER, Harry J.(2); KRIEGER, Robert J.; KROPS, Peter(2); KUHN, John R.; LAHN, Jessie W.; LAWS, Cable H.(2)(3); LEDFORD, Howell D.(2); LEE, John Jr.(2); LEONARD, Jimie W.; LINDQUIST, Robert C.; LINGIS, Joseph A.; LINNABURY, Kenneth; LIPE, Ray C.; LIVINGSTON, William B.; LYNCH, Daniel L.; MADDOX, Alexander; MANN, William C.(2); MANNING, Robert S.(2); MARA, Wilbur J.(2); MATTHEWS, Joe L.; MAYS, Kenneth H.(2); McCALL, Thomas D.(2); McCANN, Donald J.; MEAD, ????,(2); MEINE, Robert C.; MIHALIC, Joseph(2); MOWEREY, Franklin W.(2); MROWCZYNSKI, Frank S.; MUCKEY, Arnold S.; MYNYK, Walter; NANTANI, Henry J.; NATIONS, John R.; NEFF, Lawrence C.; NEFFILE, Paul N.(2); NETTMIN, ????(2); NORMAN, Paul H. Jr.; NORRIS, Leo E.(2); ORLICH, Daniel(2); OVERBEY, William H.; PARKER, Roy F.; PEELER, Leroy C.; PIFER, Lester W.; POWELL, George Jr.; POWERS, Taylor; PRATT, Clayton C.; RAMSEY, Earl J.(2); REECE, Charles J.;ROBERSON, Herman J.; SADOWSKI, Edward J.(2); SANDOWSKI, Bernard R.; SCHOLLER, Albert; SCHWAB, Alphonse W.(2); SCHWARTZ, Willis H.(2); SEAGLE, Alvin D.; SECOR, George J.; SETZER, Robert F.; SHANTZ, Henry T.(2); SHAW, Dewey A.; SHIELD, James W.(2); SHURTLEFF, Albert K.; SIEDLECKI, Edmund; SMITH, Alvin R.; SMITH, Howard E.(2); STIREWALT, Francis J.(2); STRANK, Joseph W.; SWEEZY, Fred J.; SZEWCZYK, Joseph A.(2); THOMAS, Clifford H.; THOMAS, Edward W.(2)(3); THOMPSON, Marion W.; TORMOHLEN, Paul W.; TREADWAY, Kenneth; VANEMON, William P.; WAITE, Fenton E.(2); WARD, Harless V.; WARD, Harold E.(2); WEAVER, Olin B.; WEDECK, David N.(2); WEST, Edward J.; WHITE, Arnold E.; WHITE, William H.; WILDER, John W.; WILLET, William E.; WILLIAMS, Levi O.; WILLIAMS, Warren C.; WINTERS, Jack H.; WOLFE, William E.; WOLTER, John W.; WORTMAN, Albert W.(2);

3 Replies to “A Troop, 2d Sqdn, 2d Cavalry Group 1942-46”

  1. Hello,
    I am conducting research for a class project documentary. If you know any of the people listed in this article, would you please have them contact me at the address below? If using the email address, be sure to remove the parentheses. I am also looking for photos of Klatovy (Klattau) around 1945. I appreciate your help.
    Thank you,
    Sandra Walker


  2. Roy Cook was my father. He passed away July 4, 2005. I have a book that was written about the 2nd Cav. He is in the book. He shared stories with me as I was growing up. Most girls grew up hearing stories about tea parties, paper dolls, and Barbie. I got stories about Czech, Normandy, Berlin, Poland, and Patton. I think I learned cadence and army songs from the time I could walk and speak. He was a proud soldier.


  3. Roger Kittle was my grandfather, we have a number of pictures and the like, but he was very quiet about his wartime experience. He passed in 1983, but I have still have his 2nd Cav yearbook from the war.


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