F Troop, 42d Sqdn, 2d Cavalry Group 1942-46

Troop F, 42d Squadron

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (1 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (22 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (1 total)

WATSON, John R., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer
RANSON, Emmet W., 2nd Lt.
YATES, Harold L., 2nd Lt.
KRAATZ, Raymond, 1st Lt.(2)(3)
BAYER, Michael, 1st Lt.

ALBERGO, Louis A.; ALPAUGH, Henry M.; AUCONE, Paul; BAUMGARTNER, Joseph P.; BEAVER, Louis A.(2); BOWEN, Robert W.; BUCKLEY, Gilbert A.; CARTTER, Allen M. Jr.; CEA, Nicola(2); CELENTANO, Albert P.; CHEEK, Marshall E.(2); CHILDS, Ludro(2); CLAPPER, Willard E., Pfc.(1); COCCHIERE, Luther D.; COLLIER, Luther D.; COTRONEO, Joseph P.; CRESS, John L.M.(2); CURTIS, William A.; DAVENPORT, Arthur C. Jr.; DEGNAN, Frank T.; DeMARCO, John G.; DESIO, Joseph N.; DEUTSCH, Frank J.; DILL, James J.; DITZIG, Steven; ESPOSITO, Andrew D.(2); EVANS, Gordon(2); FELL, Leslie P.; FOX, Joseph P.; FRANK, Anthony; FRAZIER, William T. Jr.; GASKINS, Leslie D.; GOVER, Hurshel R.; GREENE, Eugene W.; GUALTIERI, Rocco J.; GULVIN, Robert C.; GURD, Thomas L.(2); HAVERLOCK, James C.; HOLZ, Louis T.(2); HOULIHAN, Walter L.; JERONIMO, Frank; KEPP, Karlan; KERR, Delmer E.(2); KIERMAN, Charles A.; LEDDY, Elmer J. Jr.; LEDFORD, Doyle C.; LEWIS, Walter M.; LUCAS, Hermann; LUCAS, Louis C.(2); LUKAS, Edward R.; MATTHEWS, George J.(2); McGROARY, Francis X.; MEOLA, Matteo; MOON, Parker H.; MOONE, Alma B.(2); MOORE, Albert P.(2); MORT, Gail E.(2); MUEHLMEIER, Ernest C.; NEDVED, Thomas L.; NICHOLS, Jesse W.; OAKLEY, Willie I.; PARKER, David J.(2); PAYNE, William C.; PELUSO, Frank F.; PERANIO, Alfred J.; PERRY, Joseph A.; POLDING, Robert L.; RICCI, James M.; ROWLEY, Arlis R.(2); RUSSELL, Milton S.; SALVINO, Vito; SAWYERS, James M.(2); SCALZITTI, Anthony; SHAVER, Harry C.; SHERWOOD, Walter E.; SHOUPE, Clarence R.(2); SMITH, Frank R.; SMITH, Leo C.; SMITH, Richard B.; SOLES, Joseph E.; SPENCE, Horace L.(2); TEDDER, James A.; THOMPSON, Raymond A.; TRIANO, Salvatore; VOLKERT, Herbert C.; WILES, Joseph P. Sr.; WILLIAMS, George A.; WILSON, John A.; WYSOCKI, John F.; ZRINI, Samuel

One Reply to “F Troop, 42d Sqdn, 2d Cavalry Group 1942-46”

  1. I am looking for information on Pfc Willard E. Clapper (36655648) who I believe was assigned to 1st Platoon, F Troop, 42 Sqdn, 2nd Cavalry. He was killed on November 11th, 1944. I believe it was in Moncourt, France. He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart and is buried in Plot K, Row 45, grave 31, Lorraine American Cemetery, St. Avold, France. It is my belief that he may have been killed as a result of the explosion of a truck that may have been hit by German shell fire. Any information that you may have would be greatly appreciated. Pfc Clapper was the cousin of my father who was assigned to the 127th General Hospital, also in France.


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