H&S Troop, 42d Sqdn, 2d Cavalry Group 1942-46

H&S Troop, 42d Squadron

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (1 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (4 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (3 total)

ANDREWS, Robert P., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer(3)
BECKLEY, William S. III, 1st Lt.
ROTHENBACH, Herman A., 2nd Lt.(1)

ALBRIGHT, Frank A.; ALLEN, John T. Jr.; ARMENTRAUT, Ira B.; BACCARO, Anthony; BAGAL, Adam; BAGSHAW, John H.; BASKIN, Ralph; BAUMEISTER, George O.; BEAG, Theodore; BEAGARIE, Bernard F.; BOYD, Esper S.; BRENNAN, Martin L.; BREWER, Ernest W.; BRYANT, John J.; BUCHANAN, Harry T.; BURNS, Mark O.; CALEY, George L.; CALLAHAN, Edward F.; CARL, Francis J.; CASEY, Bill W.; CENA, Peter J.; CERRUTI, Horace V.; CHETHAM, Kenneth L.; CHRISON, Anthony G.; CHRISTENSEN, Charles H.; CLIFTON, Henry B.; CONNELL, William L.; COWAN, Reece; CRAWLEY, Charles E.; CRESDY, Henry R.; DINEEN, Robert L.; DiPUMA, Bernard L.; DORNHECKER, Alfred G.; DUFFY, Thomas J.; DUNCAN, David A.; DUNCAN, William H.; EDELSTEIN, Melvin J.; ENGLUND, Richard L.; FLAHERTY, Martin T.; FLANAGAN, Charles A. Jr.; FRANCIS, William J.; FRANELLI, Roland F.; FRANSTED, Lawrence D.; FRISBEY, Richard T.; FULTZ, Clarencz E.; GELLER, Howard; GILBERT, Herle V.; GIVEN, Herbert F.; GORDON, Irving B.; GOTBAUM, Victor H.; GRAYBEAL, James E.; GRIFFIN, Tom M.; GRUNDY, Clarence G.; GUARRAIA, Ernest C.W.; GUISASOLA, Samy; HART, Elmer; HINE, William J.; HOUCHENS, Paul T.; JACKSON, Hugh W.; JEFFRIES, Samuel H.; JINKS, Donald O.(2); JOHNSON, Bradley; KAUFFMAN, Arthur W.; KIDD, William D.; KOSSAK, Jerome A.; LEAVEL, James A.; LEE, James F.; LEE, John H.; LETTON, James H. Jr.; MACCHIONE, Gino; MARTIN, Norman E.; MARTINEZ, Vaudelio A.; McCONNELL, Richard G.; McCORMICK, John W.; McKINNON, Richard G.; MERRILL, LeRoy H. Jr.; MILLER, Wade M.; MILLER, William H.; MOIST, Robert R.; MORRISOY, Joseph E.; MOSDY, George W.; MOWERY, Joe; MUENCH, Raymond H.; MUELLER, Roger A.; PAUL, Jerome O.; PETERSON, Donald E.(3); PEZET, Leo; PHELPS, Edward C.; PIKE, Jimmy F.; POLLARD, Ollie B. Jr.; PRADKA, John W.; RANDOLPH, Donald G.; REEVES, Martin A.; RELICH, John; RIGBY, Leonard J.; ROSE, John F.; ROSSMANN, William F.; SARAFIN, John M.; SCHRADER, LeRoy; SHADD, Elmer E.; SHEETS, Darrol L.; SKILES, Joseph Jr.; SMIGEL, Henry J.; SMITH, Theodore J.; SOKOLOSKI, Edward J.(2); SORTINO, Samuel V.; SPERDUTO, Anthony F.; STANTON, Irvine D.; STARR, John S.; STEHLEY, William A.(2)(3); STERNHEIM, Harold; STRAND, Carl A.; SWEAT, Richard A.; TAYLOR, Seth J.; VANLE, John E.(2); WEAVER, Charles D.; WEDDLE, Fred A.; WELCH, Perley E.; WHALEN, Richard E.; WHREN, Michael U.; WILLS, Robert G.; WILSON, Harold R.; WILSON, Ralph S.; WITTRUP, Gordon L.; YARBORO, James E.; YOUNG, Charles R.; YOUNG, Elmer E.; ZACHMANN, George F.; ZRINI, Samuel; ZULAUF, Harry B.; ZYWAN, Samuel

Top row L-R: S/Sgt Edward F. Callahan; Sgt Leonard J. Rigby; Capt Maurice J. Shroyer; WO Charles A. Pizzuti; Pvt John H. Bagshaw.

Bottom row L-R: T/Sgt Leo Pezet; Pfc Henry B. Clifton; Pfc Martin L. Brennan; T/4 James H. Letton Jr.; Pfc Frank A. Albright.

About September 1945, Lam Germany, as Capt. Shroyer (42d Squadron S-4/H&S Troop Commander) prepares to leave for home.

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