WW II Missing In Action

Troopers of the 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz) reported as missing in action, ETO (European Theatre of Operations) during WW II.

ALCORN, Bob B.; ASHLEY, Fred W.; BARNES, Virgil L.; BERTTOCCHINI, George W.; BOKMA, Mindert P.; CHESSER, James F.; COCKERHAM, James C.; CROTEAU, Arthur; CYCON, Leo F.; EPPERSON, Roy E.; EVANS, Harold W.; GARNER, Raymond C.; GARRETT, Richard N.; GOULET, Joseph Jr.; HANCOCK, James W.; HASTINGS, Paul E.; HENKEN, Warren J.; HILLAGE, Fred R.; IDZIOR, Frederick H.; KELLOGG, Harry W.; KIRKPATRICK, James T.; KLEIN, Joseph J.; KRUSE, Vernon H.; LEMMOND, Bervon L.; MACKEY, Arnold J.; McLUCAS, George H.; MILLANESE, Patrick A.; NICK, John F.; RHODES, William W.; SATTERELLI, Joseph; SCARANO, Michael S.; SEAFORD, Celon M.; SHOUSKY, Albert M.; SIDES, Arthur E.; TUCKER, Harold S.; VOLKERT, Herbert C.; WENZEL, Raymond W.; YEAST, Edward T.

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