George C. Gibson

GIBSON, George G.; enlisted: January 16, 1836, Philadelphia, by Lieut. Abercrombie; born: Boston, Massachusetts; age: 24 yrs; occupation: trader; blue eyes, black hair, dark complexion, 5’7”; Company D, 2d Dragoons; died September 27, 1836, Fort Marion, Florida [disease unknown]; rank: [not listed, a private].

John Harrington

HARRINGTON, John; enlisted: December 23, 1835, Frederick, Maryland, by Maj. Young; born: Nattee, Rhode Island; age: 22 yrs; occupation: farmer; hazel eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, 5’11”; Company D, 2d Dragoons; died: September 7, 1836, Fort Marion, Florida [disease unknown]; [rank not listed, a private].

Field Cap – 1943 – 1946

Field cap issued to Sergeant Leonard A. Walencewicz 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Mechanized) - January - December 1943 2nd Cavalry Group (Mechanized) - 1943- 1946 USA 3rd Army World War II - WWII    

Yearbook 1941 – 2CR in 2 Cavalry Division

Yearbook 1941- Camp Funston - 2d Cavalry in the 2d Cavalry Division - "Historical and Pictorial Review: Second Cavalry Division: United States Army: Camp Funston, Kansas: 1941" - Downloadable PDF file - YB-1941-2CR-2CD-Camp-Funston During this time, the 2d Cavalry Regiment joined the 9th, 10th, and 14th Cavalry Regiment to form the 2d Cavalry Division. Also assigned …